learning together

commit, contribute, co-create
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If you decide to participate in FDOL, you will be able to work autonomously, in a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) group or with a learning partner. Consider also creating your own study group. It is completely up to you how you participate.

If you are new to PBL, please check out our design page, where you will find out detailed information about how we would like to use it in this course but also what PBL is more generally.

We work with volunteer facilitators from the UK and Sweden and have the capacity to support a number of PBL groups, which is not unlimited. Each facilitated PBL group will be supported by 2-3 facilitators. Please think carefully before joining a group as this mode of participation requires higher commitment and deeper engagement and we highly recommend to participants who would like to learn collaboratively within a facilitated PBL group to stay within the group for the whole duration of the course.

To join a PBL group and start engaging in FDOL activities, please access our community. Each PBL group will have up to 8-9 members. In the community you will find the facilitated PBL group spaces. These will be released progressively. Join one of them. Additional learning spaces for each group will be created by the groups themselves. If you need help, let your facilitators know.

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