Sue Beckingham and David Hopkins are FDOL141 Students. We would like to introduce a TweetChat for FDOl141 and propose this runs on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm GMT.

For anyone new to this concept, it is an opportunity to use Twitter as a discussion forum. A space to share our thoughts, ask questions and learn together.

Weekly Tweet Chat

Each week we will hold a Twitter Chat between 8-9pm on Wednesdays to discuss the topic of the week. This will be an opportunity to perhaps discuss one of the readings. The topics are:

  1. connecting
  2. digital literacies
  3. flexible learning in the digital age
  4. collaborative learning and communities
  5. supporting learners
  6. open educational practices

What is a Tweet Chat?

A TweetChat is a virtual meeting or gathering on Twitter to discuss a common topic. The chat usually lasts one hour and will include some questions to stimulate discussion. Questions will be preceded with Q1, Q2, Q3 etc

For example: Q1 What digital tools have you used to connect with the FDOl community so far?  #FDOLchat

Where will I find the TweetChat?

Create an account on Twitter and then use the search facility to find #BYOD4Lchat Depending on your Twitter tool you may be able to save this.

How do I take part?

If you wish to respond to a question include the hashtag #FDOLchat within your tweet and precede your tweet with A1, A2, A3 etc.

For example: A1 I have made new professional connections by joining the FDOL G+ community #FDOLchat

Do I have to tweet to take part?

No you don’t though your contributions will be valued! By following the hashtag #FDOLchat you can simply read the questions raised and the answers of those who respond.

If I can’t make the time slot can I follow the TweetChat later?

Yes you can view the discussion by searching for #FDOLchat

Will there be a summary of the session made available afterwards?

Yes – we will use Storify to summarise the conversations that each question gives rise to, and post the results back to #FDOLchat

When will the #FDOLchat take place?

Every Wednesday between 8-9pm for the duration of this course.

Do leave any thoughts about this in the comments. We would love to see others lead the TweetChat too so please let us know if you would like to.

Sue Beckingham and David Hopkins
FDOL141 Students

1 Response to #FDOLchat

  1. mariakvarnstrom2013 says:

    To find the tweet chat, shall I really search for “#BYOD4Lchat “??

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