During #FDOL132 we will be organising webinars linked to each unit, 1 per unit. Please note the main units are offered over 2 weeks. The plan is to offer the webinars on Thursdays 9.30-10.30am GMT (please access the World Clock to convert to your local time) depending on external speaker availability. In special circumstances we might have to change the day and/or time of a webinar.

Please access the webinar room about 30 mins in advance to test the technology. A headset is required to fully participate. Webinars will enable active participation using audio, video, text and the whiteboard creatively 😉

All webinars are open to anybody interested even if not actively participating in #FDOL132. Please feel free to share the link with others who might also be interested.

We are using Adobe Connect Pro. If you are not familiar with Adobe Connect Pro, please access the demo. You will also be able to test Adobe Connect Pro on your machine from here. If you would like to access the webinar from a mobile device, please download the mobile app and add the link to the webinar room. The webinar room for FDOL132 sessions can be accessed through the link at the bottom of this page.

We highly recommend to check your settings and access the webinar room in advance to familiarise yourself with the tool and iron out any difficulties. When entering the room, please add your name and institution/country. Thank you very much.

Live link to the webinar room https://connect.sunet.se/fdol

To login: Enter as a guest and add your name.

When you have entered the webinar room, start the Audio setup wizard under Meeting at the top left to check your headset.

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