FDOL132 unit 7


Rationale: This unit will give learners and facilitators the opportunity to share the findings of their PBL activity and learning during FDOL. Learners will be invited to reflect and review their learning during the module and showcase and share with others what they have gained through this learning experience. What effect has their engagement with this module had on their practice? What were the benefits and what the challenges? In what ways has FDOL been useful for them? What are the next steps?


the journey continues

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this unit, you will have had the opportunity to

  1. Share your peer reviews (applicable for PBL groups) and critically evaluate work completed by other PBL groups
  2. Critically reflect on your learning and share experiences with peers
  3. Critically explore opportunities for further development linked to flexible, distance and online learning

Activities/tasks for all learners

  1. Google + FDOL 132 community
    Discuss aspects of Flexible, Distance and Online Learning in your professional context with peers and comment on each others’ contributions. Please use the category “unit 7: Sharing” for these discussions.

  2. Twitter
    You are encouraged to use your Twitter account. Feel free to share your FDOL experience via Twitter. Find peers on FDOL and follow them, and comment on tweets by others if you would like to. There are no requirements to tweet and/or comment, however you are encouraged and for those of you who are new on Twitter the idea of Twitter in the FDOL course is that your use will increase during the FDOL journey as you become more familiar with it so that you can continue using it after completion of the course also and develop your personal learning network. Remember to use the hashtag #fdol132 when tweeting as part of FDOL.

  3. Reflections
    Reflect individually and in your PBL groups on your learning during FDOL and share with the wider FDOL community

  4. Reflecting through images (optional)
    Have a look at the image below and think about in the context of this course. Then reflect on your experiences as a learner/teacher.
What do I need to grow and develop

What do I need to grow and develop further?

Additional activities/tasks for learners within PBL group

  1. Complete all components of the PBL activity and provide an overall concise presentation of the activity/resource. The presentation needs to be completed in advance of the webinar and during presented in your chosen format.

Reflection in unit 7
In this unit it is time for a reflection on the entire course.

  1. Critically reflect on your learning during this module and capture your reflections in your portfolio. Use relevant literature. What did you learn about Flexible, Distance and Online Learning? How will your learning influence your practice as a teacher in Higher Education? What are you going to do as a result of your involvement in FDOL? Remember to add the hashtag #FDOL132 to your title and link to Twitter. (suggested about 400-600 words)

  2. Share the link to your portfolio/personal learning space and invite others to comment.

  3. Comment on reflections made by your peers.

Additional resources

FDOL diigo group at http://groups.diigo.com/group/fdol-resources

Please check the learners’ generated collection and add further resources you find useful and link well with this unit. Remember to use tags and comment on resources shared by others.

Webinar sharing peer reviews and experiences

Thursday 5 December, 6.30-8pm (UK time, find your local time) with FDOL learners and facilitators

To access the webinar room go to: https://connect.sunet.se/fdol.
To login: Enter as a guest and add your name.
When you have entered the webinar room, start the Audio setup wizard under Meeting at the top left to check your headset.

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