FDOL132 – PBL scenarios

During FDOL and from Unit 2 to 6, authentic scenarios will be used for investigation in the PBL groups.

There are two options to consider for PBL groups.

1. We invite you to submit specific learning, teaching or assessment activities/modules/courses in which specific technologies are used. The activities will be provided by FDOL participants or others who are interested in sharing their practice for inquiry. If you are considering to share your practice please use the following link to submit activities. To view available activities see the Archive of submitted learning activities. The groups are invited to pick one of the activities and work with this throughout the FDOL course, in each unit focusing on aspects related directly to the unit.

2. We collect complex learning and teaching stories to use as PBL triggers linked to flexible, distance and online learning challenges. Access the current Thematic Stories Archive to select the ones you would like to use in your groups and feel free to submit your own story too. If you decide to go for this option, please note, that you might have to choose more than one scenario for the duration of the course, unless the story you picked, will enable you to focus in on the different unit themes. This might be something to discuss with your group members and your facilitator.

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