Karolinska Institutet

For teachers at Karolinska Institutet (KI), who have participated in the course Basic pedagogy in higher education or equivalent, the Unit for Medical Education (UME) at KI offers the possibility to do the FDOL course as a continuation course corresponding to 5 weeks of full-time studies.

The KI course includes actively participating in a Problem Based Learning (PBL) group, participating in webinars and further tasks of reflection and examination during and at the end of the course.

The course is also offered to KI teachers who prefer less extensive studies corresponding to 2 weeks of full-time studies, which does not include PBL group work.

Participants from KI will study in mixed groups with learners from other institutions for the PBL part of the course.

KI participants will in addition to FDOL activities also form a KI group with opportunities to meet in real life at the KI campus and there will be a google+ community with KI specific information and possibilities for discussions.

The course runs for about 12 weeks, with orientation in week 36 and formal start in week 37 on September 12th and ends in week 49 on December 5th. The final examination (in form of a portfolio) should be submitted on 7th January the latest. For an overview of the course please see the unit page.

The estimated time for the course is in total 200 hours or 80 hours respectively, depending on the chosen degree of participation

Requirements and assessment for the KI participants

The assessment for all KI participants will be based a portfolio consisting of a collection of reflective posts related to the different themes of the units and a final reflective paper concluding the portfolio. For the 5 week course visible activity from participation in the PBL group work is also required.

The reflective posts should relate to pedagogical theory and literature on technology-enhanced learning, however the first post is orientation to the field and rather a reflection of your own situation and not necessary to include references.

For the 2 week course the reflective posts should each be about 400 words each. Focus on reflection on experiences from FDOL and own development, challenges, learning, own practice etc.

For the 5 week course the reflective posts should each be about 600 words each. In addition to reflections of experiences from FDOL in general it should also include experiences and lessons learnt from the PBL group work and inquiry.

The reflective posts should be shared within the FDOL132 or FDOL Karolinska google + community. It is also required to comment/give peer feedback to all the posts of a learning partner.

The 5 posts are:

  • Unit 1-2: The digital me: past, present, future

  • Unit 3: My digital teaching practice and opportunities for change

  • Unit 4: Extending collaborative learning using digital technologies

  • Unit 5: How do I support my students and opportunities for further improvement

  • Unit 6: Opening up my practice

Summative reflection
As a concluding part of your portfolio you are asked to write a reflection based on your reflective posts and experiences from the FDOL course that summarizes your own learning/development. It should also include thoughts about using technology to enhance learning on own context and suggestions for development of e-learning (an activity and/or in general) in own context.
For the 5 week course you should also include reflections on your experiences from working in a PBL group and your suggestions for development of e-learning should be referred to literature.

For the 2 week course the summative reflection should be about 400 words and for the
5 week course about 800 words.

For more information about the course offered by Karolinska using FDOL please contact Lars Uhlin lars.uhlin @ ki.se or Maria Kvarnström maria.kvarnstrom @ ki.se (without the spaces), we look forward to learn with you in this course.

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