FDOL132 – Participation

This is an open course and participation is open to all.

You are encouraged to reflect on a regular basis and participate fully in the FDOL132 activities as an autonomous learner but also through participating in learning activities with others and exchange, using your existing portfolio space or create a new portfolio for FDOL132. Please see the tools tab for further information regarding this.

If you are interested in working towards a certificate of completion, please complete the 5 posts which consist the learning journal and evidence engagement with the community through commenting on work completed by others and responding to comments left in your portfolio/personal space.

The 5 posts are:

1/5 The digital me: past, present, future
2/5 My digital teaching practice and opportunities for change
3/5 How I extend collaborative learning using digital technologies
4/5 How do I support my students and opportunities for further improvement
5/5 Opening up my practice

Your work will be assessed by peers.

You might also consider using the FDOL course as an opportunity for informal learning. If, however, you also study towards a qualification at an institution, you might want to consider gaining recognition for your FDOL work or use it as part of your course work and or assessment. Feel free to discuss this with the module/programme leader at your institution and explore the possibilities as soon as possible.

If you are reading this and are using FDOL132 with a group of learners, please get in touch and/or leave us a comment here. We would love to hear how this open course is used.

Please remember that this is an open course made available under a specific creative commons licence. Please check the homepage.

Chrissi, Lars and Maria

openfdol @ gmail.com (without the spaces) or @openfdol

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