FDOL131: unit 6

Rationale:  This unit will give learners and facilitators the opportunity to share and celebrate learning that happened during FDOL. Learners will be invited to reflect and review their learning during the module and showcase and share with others what they have gained through this learning experience. What effect has their engagement with this module had on their practice? What were the benefits and what the challenges? In what ways has FDOL been useful for them? What are the next steps?


the journey continues

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this unit, learners will have had the opportunity to

  1. Showcase their learning achievements and share experiences
  2. Discuss difficulties experienced and how these have been overcome
  3. Critically explore opportunities for further development linked to flexible, distance and online learning

Discussion activities

  1. Google + community: Discuss aspects of Flexible, Distance and Online Learning in participants’ professional context with peers and comment on each others’ contributions.
  2. Reflect individually and in your PBL groups on your learning during FDOL and share with the wider FDOL community.
  3. Reflecting through images.
What do I need to grow and develop

What do I need to grow and develop further?


FDOL diigo group at http://groups.diigo.com/group/fdol-resources

Please check this learners’ generated collection and add further resources you find useful and link well with this unit. Remember to use tags and comment on resources shared by others.

FDOL diigo list resources

Webinar celebrating learning
Thursday the 2nd of May 7-8 UK time, find your local time
with FDOL learners and facilitators

Webinar recording

Peer assessment and self-evaluation

  1. Reflect on your learning during this unit and capture your reflections into your portfolio. Use relevant literature. Remember to add the hashtag #FDOL131 to your title and link to Twitter. (suggested 300 words or equivalent)
  2. Share the link to your portfolio and invite others to comment
  3. Comment on reflections made by others.

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