FDOL131: unit 3

Rationale:  Proponents of collaborative learning have long heralded the power of well managed group-based interaction as a means of promoting positive interdependence, individual accountability, social skills, and group processing. This third unit will encourage learners to explore aspects of collaborative, cooperative and community learning especially in relation to networked online spaces for learning, personal learning networks and environments and discuss the relevance of peer learning and the development of learning communities in the context of self-directed and self-organised learning within and beyond institutional boundaries (formal, informal and non-formal learning).

by Chrissi Nerantzi

exploring collaborative learning

PBL group spaces in Google + communities (to be used for units 3, 4 and 5)

Contextualised/Personalised Intended learning outcomes to be defined by PBL groups based on the PBL scenario and learners studying autonomously after reading the rationale.

  1. ILO1
  2. ILO2
  3. ILO3

(no more than three please)

PBL scenarios

Explore the scenario linked to this theme within the triggers’ tab and identify in your group possible items you would like to investigate. Agree which ones you are going to study further. Remember to agree learning outcomes for the group and use FISh.

Add resources you have found useful in your investigation to the FDOL resources in diigo. At the end of the unit, you will share your solutions based on your investigation and your experiences with the rest of the learners and receive feedback from at least another group. You can present your solution using a  media-rich approach through creating a story, a report, a poster, a comic strip etc. It is up to your group to decide.


FDOL diigo group at http://groups.diigo.com/group/fdol-resources

Please check this learners’ generated collection and add further resources you find useful and link well with this unit. Remember to use tags and comment on resources shared by others.

FDOL diigo list resources

Discussion activities

  1. Google + community: Discuss aspects of Flexible, Distance and Online Learning in participants’ professional context with peers and comment on each others’ contributions.
  2. PBL groups: Work together on a specific scenario chosen linked to this unit’s theme.
  3. At the end of the unit, reflect individually and in your PBL groups on your learning and share with the wider FDOL community.
  4. Reflecting through images
Where is everybody else?

Where is everybody else?

Monday 18th March 7-8 UK time, find your local time
Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

Access the recording

Peer assessment and self-evaluation

  1. Reflect on your learning during this unit and capture your reflections into your portfolio. Use relevant literature. Remember to add the hashtag #FDOL131 to your title and link to Twitter. (suggested 300 words or equivalent)
  2. Share the link to your portfolio and invite others to comment
  3. Comment on reflections made by others.

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