FDOL131 unit 1

Rationale: During this important first unit, learners will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the online learning spaces and make first contacts with peers and facilitators.  Learners will be encouraged to share their background knowledge, experiences and practices and begin to build relationships with peers and facilitators in order to be able to effectively engage in open collaborative activities and develop learning support networks. Also, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Problem-Based Learning (PBL) which is the pedagogical design used to enable collaborative peer learning and join specific PBL groups if this is their preferred way of learning during the FDOL course.

by Chrissi Nerantzi


Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this unit, learners will have had the opportunity to

  1. familiarise themselves with the online learning spaces and features
  2. make first contacts with other learners and facilitators
  3. discuss Problem-Based Learning in the context of the course


  1. Google + community: Who is who discussion: Introduce yourself and share the link to your portfolio or web-presence. Comment on other learners’ introductions.
  2. Google + community: After finding out more about PBL and how it will be used in #FDOL131, share with others what the benefits and challenges for you will be.
  3. If you decided to be a core or peripheral member of a PBL group, please connect with the other group members (see PBL groups tab)
  4. We suggest that you create a/Use your Twitter account. Use the hashtag #fdol131 when tweeting about this course and say hello there. You might also want to follow @openfdol.
resourcesFDOL diigo group at http://groups.diigo.com/group/fdol-resources

Please check this learners’ generated collection and add further resources you find useful and link well with this unit. Remember to use tags and comment on resources shared by others.

FDOL diigo list resources

Orientation webinar
Monday 11th February 7-8 pm UK time, find your local time
with Chrissi Nerantzi and Lars Uhlin and all the FDOL team

To access the webinar room click here.

Please click here to watch the webinar recording (click on FDOL)

Peer assessment and self-evaluation

  1. Reflect on your learning during this unit and capture your reflections into your portfolio/personal learning space. Use relevant literature. Remember to add the hashtag #FDOL131 and @openfdol to your title if you want to share through Twitter  (suggested: 300 words or equivalent)
  2. Share the link to your portfolio/personal learning space and invite others to comment
  3. Comment on reflections made by others.

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