the team

Chrissi Nerantzi, @chrissinerantzi
course leader, facilitator

Lars Uhlin, @laruhl
course leader, facilitator

Maria Kvarnström, @mariakvarnstrom
facilitator coordinator, facilitator

Neil Withnell@neilwithnell
facilitator coordinator, facilitator

Facilitator team

During the course there will be team of facilitators available. Here you will be able to see who they are.

Mina Sotiriou, @mina_sotiriou

Rachel Forsyth, @rmforsyth

Bernard Lisewski, @BReflex

Ebba Ossiannilsson, @EbbaOssian

Alastair Creelman, @alacre

Paul Booth, @northwestoer

David Bevington, @dbevington

Carol Haigh, @loracenna

Becky Strachan, @becky_strachan

Stephan Haas, @ParzifalSH

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