#fdol141 topic 5: supporting learners @openfdol


Helping others grow? What works?
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Dear friends,

We hope you are all well and have used topic 4 to learn more about collaborative learning and communities but also identified how this all links to your own practice.

We are already entering topic 5 which is all about supporting learners and learning. It is amazing how time flies. We hope you have found FDOL useful so far. Further details and proposed activities for this week can be found here. Please share your experiences with others and explore effective support strategies that do or could work in your professional context. Remember our readings as well.

This week is Open Education Week! Please use this opportunity to share your thoughts around being an open educator and learner. Perhaps we could discuss this? Would you like to capture your thoughts around open education in a mini video clip and share with us? This would be wonderful! Feel free to come up with other creative ways!

Also, why not deposit an open educational resource to JORUM! The process is really simple. Give a little something back to the community and check out if there is anything useful there for you.

Some of you have enjoyed the last few Tweetchats and we are really pleased about this. We will be offering another Tweetchat this Wednesday at 8pm UK time. Join us for an hour of speed tweeting and find out what this is all about! For more info please have a look at fdolchat. This week we will be combining Tweetchats from the FDOL course and a 5-Day Open Education Week event. So there will be even more traffic than usual! This Wedneday’s Tweetchat will be led by Carol Yeager and Betty Hurley-Dasgupta – and the  hashtag will be #nwoer – please remember this when joining the chat on Wednesday.

There is also a surprise for you on the 28th of March. Our FDOL facilitators Neil, Alastair and Stephan are organising a giant hangout that day at 2pm (UK time) to celebrate our learning on the course. Remember to add this event to your calendar. More information regarding this will follow soon. We really look forward to seeing you then. 

For now, we wish you all a creative start into the Open Education Week and our FDOL topic 5. Speak again very soon.

The FDOL team

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