#fdol141 topic 4: collaborative learning & communities @openfdol

Dear friends,

We hope you are all well and have used topic 3 to learn more about flexible learning and pedagogies but also identify opportunities and challenges these present for your students and your practice more generally.

It is really lovely that there is so much activity in the main community space and that so many of you capture their learning in a portfolio. Groups are also making good progress and it is fantastic to see how their learning relationships are growing every day.  We would encourage you all to engage further in conversations and debates about some of the ideas and observations you share with others so that we can capitalise on each other’s presence and enable a rich exchange that will help us learn and develop further.

This brings us nicely to topic 4 which starts on Monday the 3 March during which we will have the opportunity to discuss collaborative learning & communities. We think you will find this topic very valuable as this is at the heart of the FDOL philosophy if you like. Please access further details about this topic through the above link and pick some of the activities that are of value to you and your practice. Remember that there are some suggested readings too which can form the basis of your explorations into the world of collaborative learning and communities, help you link theory and practice and inform your thinking and actions.  

Our next Tweetchat is this Wednesday with Sue Beckingham and David Hopkins at 8pm UK time/9pm Swedish time. The last 3 Tweetchats have given us the opportunity to be together synchronously via Twitter for 1 hour and have a focused conversation around a specific topic linked to the course. Join the fun this Wednesday! For further information, please click here.

The course presents a good opportunity to play with pedagogical ideas in a supportive environment but also to reflect on your own and with others on your learning and development. Be playful and try something new and share with us! 

Do you have an idea for an FDOL activity for this week? No need to wait! Act. Please see this course as a playground for active experimentation.

We wish you all another exciting week and see you online.

The FDOL team

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