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Dear friends,

FDOL141 starts on Monday the 10th of February 2014. This is very exciting and it will be the third iteration of FDOL, an informal cross-institutional collaboration between academic developers working at Manchester Metropolitan Univesity in the UK and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. Additional facilitators from other institutions have also joined us and we are extremely grateful for this.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this open course and hope that you will find your time with us fruitful and engaging.

The course focuses on fostering opportunities for collaborative learning. Please check out the design page to get a flavour of how we would like to work with you. We are experimenting with different pedagogical approaches and know that there might be challenges but we are here to learn from this experience and value your feedback and suggestions. Please get in touch if you would like to share some of your thoughts linked to the design and how this works for you.

The first topic is connecting and it will give us all the opportunity to connect with each other, get to know each other a bit better and familiarise with the different tools we are suggesting. Please don’t feel under pressure to use all of them and be in all spaces. Take it easy. We would recommend to capture your reflections somewhere. Consider doing this in a digital portfolio which you can share with others. This will help you turn monologues into dialogues and conversations. Please have a look around the course site. The space where we will discuss and share ideas is the FDOL community. You will need a Google + account to fully participate there. The FDOL comunity can be accessed via the FDOL course site. The direct link is included here so that you can straight get there and say hello 😉

For further information about topic 1 and learning activities can be accessed here.

If you would like to join one of the available facilitated Problem-Based Learning (PBL) groups, please do this through the FDOL community. Remember, more commitment will be required to engage in a PBL group. Please think carefully before deciding. Our facilitators will also be present in the discussions and via Twitter, and support all participants, so please don’t feel that you will  be on your own (unless you want to).

And here are some very exciting news!!! We have two FDOL participants, Sue Beckingham (@suebecks) and David Hopkins (@hopkinsdavid) who will be organising a weekly FDOL141 Tweetchat, more details to follow soon. We really look forward to additional participant organised and led opportunities to engage beyond what the FDOL team has set up.

We look forward to learning together. See you all online 😉

The FDOL team


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