Unit 5 supporting learning #fdol132 @openfdol

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Dear colleagues,

Unit 5 starts tomorrow. The time did really fly. We are already over halfway through the FDOL132 course. We are really pleased for all of you who have found this course a positive experience and valuable to reflect on your practice. Many of you have used it also as an opportunity to experiment, and this is wonderful. The most wonderful thing for us is, that you have started creating professional relationships with colleagues from other institutions and disciplines and it has been a pleasure to experience how working in groups has developed over the last few weeks and is actually transforming into an enjoyable and valuable way of working and learning. We are also aware that some of you have experienced difficulties and we are open to suggestions. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to share with us, ok?

Unit 5 is all about supporting learning and learners and you all have some idea of what your needs are as a learner but also have started thinking about how you could help your students. For more information about this unit, please access https://fdol.wordpress.com/units/unit-5-supporting-learners/ where you will find useful resources also including some recent papers from peer reviewed journals. Please continue reflecting in your portfolios and comment on work done by others. We have seen that this is happening in some portfolio and are very pleased about this.

Let’s continue the conversation! Remember to reflect on your learning and practice and share with the FDOL community so that we can further our understanding together. Google+ is available as an app for iPhone and Android devices so you can participate in conversations on-the-go 😉 There is also an Adobe Connect app available if you would like to try this too.

See you all online,

Chrissi, Lars, Maria and Neil

ps. We would love to hear from you if you are using FDOL in any way beyond this course. If you use, adapt, repurpose any of the FDOL resources, activities and/or the pedagogical design for another course, please remember to add the creative commons attribution linking back to FDOL and its creators (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/). You will find the creative commons licence agreement for FDOL at https://fdol.wordpress.com/


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