Unit 2: Digital literacies @openfdol #fdol132

Cut the strings!

Cut the strings!

Dear colleagues,

We hope you are all well and have used unit 1 to familiarise yourself with the FDOL132 course, the different spaces and started making first connections with peers and facilitators. We are pleased that so many of you have started using the Google+ community space to introduce yourselves and are sharing current practices, experiences and ideas but also support each other. It was also wonderful that many of you participated in our Unit 1 orientation webinars and that we could see you too.

As we are now entering unit 2, it will be useful to reflect on what you have learnt so far and how this related to your practice. Feel free to do this in our Google+ community and/or your personal learning space.  

In unit 2 we will be able to discuss Digital Literacies and how these link to our own practices. Seehttps://fdol.wordpress.com/units/unit-2-digital-literacies/ for details about this unit. The webinar for this unit is scheduled for the 26th of September at 9.30am UK time and we have the pleasure to welcome Dr Cristina Costa from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland who is going to share her expertise with us and engage in a conversation around Digital Literacies and Digital Identity. Cristina’s personal space is at http://knowmansland.com/ which we would encourage you to access in advance of the webinar.

Please remember, if you work in PBL groups, to access your group space in Google + and start connecting with each other. We suggest that one from each group takes the lead and creates a group space so that you can co-ordinate activities. Your PBL facilitators have already been in touch and helped you organise your first Google hangouts. Let us know if you need further help. In unit 2, work in the PBL groups will start and it would be helpful to start having conversations with your group members about a possible learning activity which you would like to use. We are adding here the link to the PBL scenarios page and would encourage you to submit further activities, see https://fdol.wordpress.com/pbl-scenarios/

The COOL FISh document available at https://fdol.wordpress.com/design/ includes valuable information and tools to get you organised in your PBL groups, so please study this carefully and use and/or adapt to your group needs.  

Let’s continue the conversation and start the collaboration! Remember to reflect on your learning and practice and share with the FDOL community so that we can further our understanding together. Google+ is available as an app for iPhone and Android devices so you can participate in conversations on-the-go 😉

Best wishes and see you online.

Chrissi, Lars, Maria and Neil

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