Welcome to the start of #FDOL132

Thank you for joining the open course Flexible, Distance and Online Learning (FDOL132).

The course starts today 12 September with two weeks orientation (Unit 1) where you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the course design, online learning spaces and make contacts with peers and facilitators.

The FDOL course site which is used for course information has been updated continuously, so please have a look around in all the tabs. Please also subscribe to news by following FDOL132 (there is a button on the right hand side) so that you will receive all future general course related information.

Course communication and collaboration during the course will mainly take place in Google+ communities. The main community for all learners is FDOL132 community . Thus you will need to create a Google+ profile which is required to join the community.

Information about Unit 1 and the start-up activities and tasks for the unit you will find under Unit 1 – orientation. We ask you to engage in these activities as soon as possible. Two informal orientation webinars have been scheduled for unit 1:

  • 17 September, 6.30pm UK time
  • 19 September, 10am UK time

It would be great if you could participate in one of the above. If you are not available on any of these 2 dates/times, please remember that both recordings will be made available.

During unit 1 PBL groups will be formed that will collaborate throughout the course.  If you want to become a member of a facilitated PBL group you will be able to sign up for membership from Monday 16 September on the FDOL course site.  Once groups are created you will be invited to join a PBL group in a Google+ community that will be provided

You are also very welcome to participate as an autonomous learner and make your own connections, find a study buddy / learning partner or form your own study group. You can make connections in the FDOL132 community where there will be discussions and activities, so plenty of opportunities to be involved!

We are very excited about learning with you during the #FDOL132 and hope to see you all online very soon.

Very best wishes,

Chrissi (Nerantzi), Lars (Uhlin), Maria (Kvarnström) and Neil (Withnell)

FDOL132 organisers and facilitators

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