unit 6: webinar to celebrate learning on the 2nd of May with #fdol131 participants and facilitators

the journey continues

the journey continues

Hi all,

We hope you are all well and have completed the unit 5 PBL task within your groups and provided feedback to another group. If not, please try and do this in the next few days. Thank you.

In unit 6 we are celebrating learning in FDOL131 and we invite you to join our last FDOL131 webinar on the 2nd of May at 7pm UK time/ 8pm Swedish time to share your experiences and learning with us. It would be wonderful if you could use a microphone so that you can use this during the webinar with your peers. You might want to look at the intended learning outcomes for this unit and reflect on your learning. Feel free to add your personal reflections to the community, group space or your portfolio in preparation for the webinar.

The intended learning outcomes of unit 5 are:

  • Showcase your learning achievements and share experiences
  • Discuss difficulties experienced and how these have been overcome
  • Critically explore opportunities for further development linked to flexible, distance and online learning

If you had set yourself additional personal/group learning outcomes in the context of FDOl, it would be wonderful to find out to what extend you achieved these also.

Groups will be invited to share their experience and are very welcome to prepare a mini presentation if they wish to do so to capture the above. The order in which we would like to ask groups to share their learning is

1. PBL group 1
2..PBL group 2
3. PBL group 3
4. PBL group 5/6

The direct link to the Adobe Connect Pro webinar room is https://connect.sunet.se/fdol
If you are new to Adobe Connect Pro, please access https://fdol.wordpress.com/units/webinars/ to test the connection and familiarise yourself with this tool.

We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of May for this last webinar.

Chrissi, Lars and Maria


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