unit 3 starts on Monday the 11th of March #fdol131 @openfdol

by Chrissi Nerantzi

exploring collaborative learning

Hi all,

We hope you are all well and used the last week to get ready for unit 3: collaborative learning and communities (for more info see https://fdol.wordpress.com/units/unit-3-collaborative-learning-and-communities/). If you are in a PBL group, you will in the next 3 units work with your group members on a specific story or scenario linked to each unit theme. Feel free to pick one currently available at https://docs.google.com/document/d/15llBOaZCpJ050_lbpYGfnyFYp06tAJ8YekLLobBx99o/edit or decide with your group what you are going to investigate. Remember to use COOL FISh, agree roles and working practices but also intended learning outcomes and how you are going to share your findings with the rest of the FDOL131 community. We suggest to share the link to your findings within the FDOL131 Google + community so that peers from other groups and autonomous learners can provide feedback on your findings and conclusions. Remember also to include the story and your intended learning outcomes.

Our unit 3 webinar has been scheduled on the 18th of March at 7pm UK time and we have the pleasure to have with us Sue Beckingham from Sheffield Hallam University who is going to discuss with us collaborative learning and communities in the context of flexible, distance and online learning. This will also be a good opportunity to ask questions related to the story you are investigating.

If you are an autonomous learner, feel free to pick a story too and investigate this on your own, or share your thoughts, reading, reflections and activities linked to this unit’s theme with us.

Best wishes and see you all online.

Chrissi and Lars


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