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Broken Lock

unlock and connect with peers

Hi all,

We hope you are all well. We would like to remind you that this week is the first study break before we start unit 3: collaborative learning and communities. It is a good opportunity to get together in your groups, reflect on your experiences and the course so far, what have you learnt about Flexible, Distance and Online Learning and how does this relate to your practice? Please use this week also to get organised for working within your groups using COOL FISh.

If you are a member of a PBL group, please note, that we have made some minor changes about which you have been notified if you are affected. All final groups can be found at

We hope you have all found your way to your PBL group community space and have started connecting with other group members in readiness of unit 3 which starts Monday 11 March. Please remember to reach out to your facilitator if you need help.

Our next webinar for unit 3 is with Sue Beckingham from Sheffield Hallam University on the 18th of March, 7-8pm GMT. Information about unit 3 will appear on our FDOL WordPress site a bit later today.

Please note the webinar for unit 4 with Dr Keith Smyth from Edinburgh Napier University will be on Tuesday the 2nd of April at 7pm.

Best wishes and see you all online.

Chrissi and Lars


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