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Hi everybody,

We had our first live session on Monday and it was good to see many of you online. Despite experiencing some difficulties with the technology (and there is no reason to hide these) we managed in the end and it was a team effort ;). We are looking into what caused the problem and will make sure that a smoother and even more engaging experience is provided for the next one. The recording from the first webinar is now live and can be accessed here. Please watch it if you missed the webinar or if you would like to remind yourself of what we discussed and feel free to ask any course related questions.

As one of our modes of learning is Problem-Based Learning we encourage you all to check out the PBL guidelines and resources available and share further with us via our diigo group which you have found useful and also start connecting with your PBL group members and facilitator.

Please get in touch with us via openfdol @ gmail.com (without the spaces) if you no longer wish to learn within a facilitated group. Thank you.

See you all online in our FDOL Google + community. Discussions have started there.

The FDOL team


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