Thank you for joining #fdol131 @openfdol

by Chrissi Nerantzi

Are you ready for #FDOL131?


Thank you for joining the open course Flexible, Distance and Online Learning (FDOL). We would like to remind you that the course starts on the 11th of February 2013 and help you get ready for it.

The central FDOL course space is available at – please remember to access this and subscribe to news by following FDOL131 (there is a button on the right hand site of the main page) so that you will receive all future course related communication as this will be the way we are going to communicate with you from now on.

Depending on your registration preference and if you have expressed interest to learn within a PBL group as a core or peripheral member, you will find information regarding your group and other members at – If you intend to participate in FDOL131, please add further information about you in your COOL FISh space doc, as confirmation of your participation.

Also please start familiarising yourself with Problem-Based Learning (PBL) especially if you have less experience learning in this format or have not used PBL for a while. You will find useful information regarding PBL and the approach we are using here in FDOL at

Before starting on the 11th of February, we advise you to have a look around the FDOL course site at, the information regarding the course, design and structure. Also it would be good to start connecting with other learners via the Google plus FDOL131 community – this is a  space for course discussions. In order to participate in the discussion there, you will need a Google + account. Use this to access the Google + community and start engaging in the conversations.

Additional opportunities to engage in #FDOL131 are via Twitter, Diigo, Scoop it, YouTube and  Slideshare. Information about these, can be found at Please note RSS feeds to these are also available through the FDOL WordPress site.

During FDOL you will be able to work in groups and/or autonomously but also find a study buddy if you wish to do so. It is up to you.

We encourage you to actively participate in the course. Individuals from different countries from around the world have joined FDOL and it is a wonderful opportunity to connect and learn together. Also, reflecting on your learning and the experience itself will be valuable to make sense of what is happening but also connect with others and engage in extended learning conversations. Please consider using or creating a portfolio for this purpose and share with us (see under portfolio).

Remember to submit your story at and check out the stories that are there already

The orientation webinar has been scheduled for the 11th of February at 7-8pm GMT. Please check your local time if you are in a different timezone. All webinars will be on Mondays, same time, same place. One webinar per unit, six units in total.

We are very excited about learning with you during the #FDOL131 pilot and hope to see you all online very soon.

Very best wishes,

Chrissi (Nerantzi) and Lars (Uhlin)
FDOL131 organisers


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